Author? or Writer?

What are You?

Now, this particular subject has been discussed frequently by a lot of different people, and there are plenty of articles on the subject of forming worlds. Sarah Addison-Fox (who writes a lot of fantasy romance) penned a book titled How I had fun writing 10 Novels in 13 Months and How You Can Too. I will be bringing up some major points from that book!

First off, if you have read Sarah Addison-Fox’s work you know she’s extremely talented. I do not have a problem with her writing, advice, or her philosophy, and I will be bringing to light the differences of writing and creating a masterpiece. Now, what I’m about to discuss may offend you, but trust me I mean no harm whatsoever in what I’m saying!! I’m only trying to express the difference between Writers and Authors, because there is a difference and it affects their writing.

Authors understand that not just ANYONE can be an Author. Many people self-publish their books and can say they’ve been through the rough draft and editing processes. (Don’t misunderstand me, I’m NOT saying that all self-published authors aren’t real authors!!) They can relate and talk about stubborn characters and difficult climaxes, and although they have then been given the title “Author”, that does not make them a real bearer of the title. Traditionally published authors and self-published authors can both be fake, so I’m not picking on any person in general!! I am leading up to something.

These people are just Writers, and cannot completely understand everything an Author goes through. Now, you’re all probably wondering how to tell them apart. The best way is by reading their books. Anyone who has published a masterpiece can tell immediately that something is wrong. Another way is by quizzing the authors in general about their manuscripts. A Writer generally doesn’t understand most or anything about what a good book looks like. (Haha, I’m not picking on beginners, because they still have to learn more about the writing craft; I myself am still learning all the tiny details!!) There are extremely HIGH standards for Authors, and Writers either won’t put their full effort into editing their manuscript, they aren’t writing in the perfect genre for their skill, or they don’t honestly know what a good book is. The latter one is a major problem.

Story Embers outlines perfect books in every area. . .from the tiniest details, to the giant plot and climax build ups! They do a perfect job of giving an explanation on what a real book looks like (because a lot of the stuff out their today isn’t true talent, it’s a lot of writers who have been handed the title of author). There is no way I can go over every single detail of what an Author really is, however, if you check out the Story Ember’s blog they can tell you everything you need to know on the craft.

I’ve read a lot of junk from Writers in the last year and it’s really depressing. We need Authors with a God-given talent writing for the Lord today!! I’ve noticed a lot of talented people miss out on their opportunity to be used by God, because they won’t surrender their gifts to Him (including authors). I just want to encourage you to surrender your gifts to Yahweh, whatever they are and He will use them. If you believe that you land in the “Writer” category than maybe your gifts lay elsewhere, or you need to check out Story Embers to get you rolling. I have surrendered my gifts and my life to Him and He has already opened doors for me in my life. I encourage you to do the same!

Make a decision now. Are you an Author or a Writer? Because you can decide! Check out Story Embers, don’t edit half-heartedly, find your correct genre, or maybe your gifts lay elsewhere and you need to move on. But don’t just settle for being a Writer if your talented! And don’t settle for the world’s standards; aim higher. If your still confused on anything comment, xD I will try to explain this a little simpler.

Aim Higher than the World’s Standards

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