Random Facts About Me

Greetings Everyone!! So today I decided I would round up a couple funny pictures from pinterest and share them. lol So, this is my sixth post, I think??? And for those of you who don’t know me very well I’m gonna personalize myself through this. For those of you who know me I hope you find something you can relate too or maybe something you never before knew about me!! 🙂

I will tell you a couple things about me in word form before the pictures tell you some of my secrets!! For starters I love writing, reading, and horses. Those are like my top favorite things. I love the color blue, dragons, High Fantasy, running around outdoors barefoot, fangirling with friends . . . . singing, collecting breyer horses, collecting books, art, wings, round objects, driving, 3D puzzles, opening packages, browsing pinterest, hanging out on goodreads . . . . roller skating, and much, much more!!! (maybe I should do a post full of things I dislike . . . hmmmm. . . *considers it*)

Let the secrets be unleashed . . . .
I just love the outdoors . . . so full of inspiration!

No, It’s more like. . . . *screaming*
All. The. Time.
Always Cold, the story of my life.
I love storms

Well, that’s all I got for now!! Comment and tell me if I should do a dislike one, and speak up if you found anything relatable on here!! What was your favorite? God Bless you all!! Thanks so much for checking out my posts!! 🙂

P.S. I also love photography!!


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