A Writer’s Life

Sooooooooo. . . . . . as I promised you all will get a peek into my writer life today. I have a lot of pictures you can look at, because telling you everything wouldn’t be half as fun.

I will be/am an author by the end of this year. (Idk if I can already be called that?? *thinks*) Anyways, my debut novel should be out in the fall of 2019 . . . now if nothing goes according to plan, which happens sometimes, then it should be out in the early winter months of 2020. xD The Levy For Love (my debut novel, and prequel to the Darkness Is Rising Chronicles, which has yet to be written either btw) has been through two major plot rewrites and I’m now editing it again. I think its my seventh time reading it?? My publishing company (Covenant Books) assistant, Amy Jarvis has been most helpful with answering all my newbie questions and explaining how the system works. So I am very thankful.

But, you are probably ready to see how a regular day goes in my editing/writing life. So I will show you some pictures, and give a few TSI photos.

This is a pic I designed on ColorFly. Coloring gives me a form of inspiration for crafting my books. I don’t do artistic stuff on a regular basis, however, when the rest of my inspirations fail me I turn to this.

Books are my main form of inspiration. But sometimes I use them to give my brain a rest and step away from writing. (Those above are some of my favorite authors!!)

I love browsing pinterest when my brain fails to form descriptive words, or when I don’t know how to describe a scene accurately. These pictures come from many different sources, but sometimes before, in the middle, or after I’m done writing I look at photos.

Avatar is one of the best movies that I have got ideas from. (Love!! *hearteyes*) But other videos have made me want to jump on my notebook/computer as well.

Besides inspiration, which I try to find everywhere in any part of my day-to-day life, I do actually sit down at my desk and type. Or edit. Or doodle ideas in my notebook. These are ways I work, and ideas fill my head often so I try to keep my Scythia notebook with me (Scythia is my Fantasy world). I’m really working hard on editing right now, so outlining the whole series (chronicles) has been halted. xD My current word count for The Levy For Love is 92,211. . . . and honestly I’m kinda disappointed in myself for writing so little. I’ve been working on accepting the small word count though, because it is only the prequel.

Title Page
Artwork . . . I was messing around with friends. 😛
**Disclaimer** Please Do Not reblog . . . this is confidential information!!
*evil laugh* I blotted out lots of spoliers
My Blank Pages are really intimidating

Anyways, that’s all I have for you today!! I hope you enjoyed seeing/hearing a bit of my author life!! Comment below if you have a similar process. Blessings for you all!!


  1. Covenant Books? I remember looking them up, but don’t they charge a crazy amount to publish with them? Or am I thinking of someone else XD

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      1. Huh. Well, I remember getting into contact with them and it just wasn’t going to work with costs. I’m glad it is for you, though.

        Liked by 1 person

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