Faith & Kaitlyn Cover Reveals

Greetings Everyone!!

So, it’s been awhile since I posted last, because I still haven’t decided how often I want to post . . . . *weak laugh* Just know when I do post it’s important!! (no, I’m joking . . . xD xD) Anyways, two author friends of mine are releasing their books sooooooonnnn(!!) and I wanted to support them by doing a blog post June 1, which is today. Haha, anyways . . . life stuff happened and now I’m doing it this evening. A little late to the party. (I was actually paint-balling with friends all day . . . . yeah, that hurt. xD But it was fun. But you didn’t come here to hear about my life. ^.^) So, I don’t know how much typing I’m going to do or if it will be as long as I want it to be . . . but here we go!! =)

Remember . . . it’s in September!

So Faith Potts is releasing her fourth book!! *cheering* And Kaitlyn Krispense is releasing her debt novel!! Check. Them. Out. They come recommended for their Contemporary Christianity and good morels. xD (wow am I good at this . . . . *rolls eyes* .. .. .. .. I’m tired! That’s what’s happening. lol) So, let’s talk about Kaitlyn first!!

Beloved, sounds amazing . . . I’ve been following Miss Kaitlyn’s progress over as she posts regular updates on her editing process (she also gives secret snippets!!). There have been some alpha/beta readers going through her work and I’ve been watching them as well. There have been only good reports so far. *shrugs* Maybe you’d be interested in reading some snippets of her work as well?? Lucky for you Kaitlyn shared some with me, so I will post them and hopefully you like what you see!!

I hear fun POV vibes . . . .
hmmmm. . . the MC appears to be having a discussing with their own brain??
This is a photo of Miss Kaitlyn!! She seems pretty spunky!!

Aaaaaannnnnddddd now we’re going to move onto Faith Potts, who has gotten so many five stars from young Christian girls that I have had all of her books on my tbr forever, but I haven’t yet gotten to read her work. Which makes me sad. . . and my tbr won’t stop growing (you probably understand that though. . . xD It’s annoying!)!! So, now Faith is making me add another book to my tbr. . . (aka my Probably-Never-Get-To-Read-But-Really-Like-To-Admire). I love her background though!!

OOOOOOOOh. It’s the first in a coming Contemporary series!! (Me: *gets excited*) Now she’s really made me happy, and possibly really annoyed. . . . I don’t get as much updates from Faith as I do from Kaitlyn because Faith isn’t on goodreads as much (which is sad), but when I do hear from her it’s exciting!! Faith also happened to share some snippets from Freedom, so I hope you enjoy!! (some of the words are a bit bigger, xD)

Criteria makes the whole quote a whole lot funnier for some reason. 🙂
Aww, I love this.
So. Much. Pain.
(I find it inspiring)
And here is a picture of our Dearest Faith.

Anyways, I think that’s all I got for you. I’m tired and sore. . . .my thighs are complaining so I hope you all have a wonderful day and check out Faith Potts or Kaitlyn Krispence’s work/blog/newsletter/books/etc!! . . . I’m certain you shall appreciate them as much as I do. Until my next post (which might be about C. S. Lewis) I shall hope to see you around my pinterest and goodreads sites!! Blessings to all and to all a great night. 😛

This should apply to every young Christian lady.


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