The Levy For Love Main Characters

I have something super duper exciting to share with you all!! I’ve been contemplating this for awhile, and after realizing that my C. S. Lewis Report was going to take an hour or two to write I decided I wanted to do this instead. 😉 Look at me being lazy . . . xD

Very few people have seen or heard of what I’m about to reveal, so you must also keep these secrets to yourselves. The Levy For Love (my book) and it’s two central characters haven’t been talked about anywhere . . .so this is my first place I’m actually going to be discussing them. If you have questions you may comment and I can try to answer so long as it doesn’t contain spoilers. ^.^ Everyone hates those. . . .so without further distraction. . . .HERE WE GO!!!

~ Meet Kavonna & Evan ~

This is like the best picture ever, because I didn’t create it and yet, it looks like it was specifically designed for my book!! I have a lot of pictures for each character to show you, so I’m gonna start with Princess Kavonna Runite because she is light. xD

These are the best two pictures I have of her (my favorite is my photo of her when she was a child) and the only thing they seem to be missing is the actual length of her hair. You see Kavonna’s hair grow’s past her waist. (Like below) She is like the only true Follower of Yahweh in this realm of darkness, which is why I love her so much! Of course there are her parents and a couple others she meet along the way, but she’s basically alone. In darkness. The. Whole. Book.

Actual hair length

There are things she must work through, building her faith and believing in Yahweh. Things she must learn, to love completely, to forgive, to heal. Things she must defeat, fear and self love. And things she must protect, her mind and her heart.

Also her traveling clothes . . . . .

Green is her color by the way. If you hadn’t noticed. Also below is a picture of her typical “hang-around-the-castle” dress. xD xD

Gorgeous?? I know.

And my favorite picture of her!!

Kavonna is just so much fun to show off. LOL My characters are just fun to show off. But, now that I made you all excited inside it’s time to turn to the darker side of that first picture. Yes, Xatig, Elite Evan Wayward. The super bad boy. . . .and dark photos. Maybe you guys are excited though, because some dark backstories are thrilling.

This Xatig has a backstory all right, and it’s a sad one. So many scars. It transformed him into a killer. There just might be hope for him yet. . . . BUT after he’s been in the dark for so long can he truly reach the light??

Perhaps he has run with darkness for too long. . . .

This type of stuff was poured into him in que-ick training (training to become an elite warrior) and when you fight for Opic Lamit, Lord of the Underworld it’s sure to get ugly sometime. For Evan though it’s only adding to the things he has already buried. Things he had to bury so he could survive. So he would never die again.


The young General’s of Marquee

He’s spent his whole life running from his past and the light. He’s built walls and put up shields to keep out everything he didn’t want coming in. He trained with the most ruthless of creatures so he wouldn’t feel anything anymore. So how come a girl of seventeen can wreck all his efforts with one word??

I guess you will have to find out in The Levy For Love . . . . that’s all I have for you today!!


  1. Wow, Elizabeth, I love this XD I loved getting to know both Kavonna and Evan more and excuse me but has Evan died before??? And what is all this talk of the lord of the underworld??? O.o this story just got more intense…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is great Elizabeth! I’m so happy and love getting to know your characters. AND EVAN!!!! You know how I love him right??? XD I like Kavonna too, but EVAN!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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