Tale Weaving ~ Bitter Betrayal Part 1

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve had a busy summer so far, from working at camps to visiting family it’s gotten off to a good start. I am quite happy to be home though. ^.^

While I was away I finally decided how I was going to post stories and ideas from my messy imagination. I’m going to do a series of posts that tell one story and from these you can decide if you like my style, creations, or author voice while reading about some epic characters along the way!! I hope your excited because I’m excited to share them with you!

Here’s Part 1 of Bitter Betrayal . . . . enjoy ~


I watched her sob, my clouded dark eyes refusing to spill tears of their own and join hers soaking into the damp ground. I wouldn’t cry anymore; crying was for weak people like my sister. Turing my back on the past and all it threatened to take I stalked away, vowing to finish what my father had started.

Her sobs resounded in echoes around me as I stalked through the empty streets, pretending I was indifferent to the pain that cloaked this hollow town. I pulled my shoulders back, stretching my taunt muscles as I touched the sharp metal blade by my side. Nothing would stand in my way from completing father’s last mission, not even the heartbreaking fact that I was dying.

The sound of boots slapping on stone rang behind me, and I slowed my pace knowing what Vicidy would say. But my decision had been made and I was unmovable. I halted, refusing to turn and face the last person alive who was kin. The air again went silent, only broken by the slow dribble of rain drops impacting the cold street.

“Flint…” she began in her high-pitched voice, sorrow clinging to the edges of her sweet soprano.

“Don’t Vicidy.” I hissed, unapologetic. “This is my mission now.”

Vicidy came to stand in front of me, her waist-length raven hair swept up into a messy braid. The dark blue gown (her costume from the night before) was torn from her waist to the ground and the long, elegant sleeves had been shredded then dipped in blood. The kohl around her eyes streaked down her face with more tears as she cupped her hands together. In one glance her light purple eyes betrayed just how broken she was. “Flint…” She tried again, her voice cracking as I avoided making eye contact. “Father’s mission has been completed. You’re walking into a deathtrap.”

I laughed sarcastically. “Don’t give me that junk. Who walked into a deathtrap last night and survived?” My eyes blazed with a fury I didn’t realize burned within. “That’s right, I did.”

Her eyes glistened with more tears. “That wasn’t my fault!”

“Then who’s fault was it?”

She wrapped her arms around her chest, staring into the distance. “I-I-” She breathed deeply, gathering her composure before daring to meet my gaze. “Father’s mission is over. You don’t have to go.”

“Father’s mission was to kill the man who assassinated his parents. I have to finish his work.”

“Xander is dead–” Vicidy began.

“and Kaden is not.” I growled, daring her to say otherwise.

She gasped, finally realizing what I meant. Stepping out of my way she lowered her head. “I will not be here when you return.”

I sighed. Could she have forgotten already? I didn’t think one’s foretold death was forgotten, ever. “I won’t be returning Vicidy. Kaden is across the border, and when I leave this land my days are numbered.”

“How will you survive on the other side?” She murmured worriedly.

Naive girl, she didn’t understand that I was giving up my life for the mission as father had done. “I won’t be returning.” I repeated slowly. Without giving her time to process that information I strode away into the darkening mist, leaving behind everything I had ever known: family, friends, happiness, peace, and love.

I locked my heart away, slamming iron doors before throwing away the key and accepting loneliness as my only companion. Father had been training me for dark missions since I was young, so I was prepared. The only difference in this mission was the fact that I wouldn’t be returning from the dark pit, ever.

I was hunting an assassin, and to hunt an assassin you had to be an assassin.

Part 1 ~ Bitter Betrayal

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of dark art. . . . . . *evil laugh*

To Be Continued….


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