The Wild Side of Scythia

Meet some creations of mine. . . .

If you want to learn a bit more about Scythia this is the place to start. Scythia is a fantasy land inhabited by all sorts of people, creatures, and landmasses. It holds dark secrets hidden within the mysteries of it’s creation. It also contains wonders of that the human mind can never know. So come along with me and meet this mysterious world, filled with things beyond your imagination. . . .

This is the core of Scythia . . . . who knows what’s inside?


They fade, into the darkness, My mind is being stripped away. Memories float like ashes, The cold, it feels like splashes. I can’t remember anymore. . . .

Beautiful Formations . . . .

Midnight . . .

These pictures can hardly do the world of Scythia justice. So this is only a tiny glimpse into the heart of that mysterious land.


It’s a song of pain and sorrow, A darkness deep and unknown. When all goes blank around me, Ice in my veins won’t still, be. I can’t remember anymore. . . .

High Flyers

Natural things

A lot of things fly in Scythia. A lot of unnatural things. And in the darkest hour of night many things glow. Yes, glow. ^.^


When I reach out for a glimpse, And my breath is stolen from me. Then I realize I don’t care, My heart freezing it’s daunting blare. I can’t remember anymore. . . .

Magnificent Wings

Fire Bird

Winged Beasts are beautiful . . . .


Now they call me by a different name, These ashes are not the same. My heart is dead, my mind is gone, The blood around me doesn’t respond. I can’t remember anymore. . . .

Unknown and Never Sighted . . . . these creatures I’m about to reveal are supposedly extinct and only their bones have been found. All in Scythia hope certain creatures are still alive and others are not.

Monsters . . . Creatures . . . Fantasy . . . Mysterious . . . Scythia


It’s all Scythia has left . . . buried memories. They’re still waiting to be released into this forgotten ancient world.

Scythia is waiting for you. It needs you to discover the secrets. They want you to help.

Come feel the pain and love of Scythia with me and encourage the characters to press on.

It’s calling you . . .


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