Bitter Betrayal Part 3

I’ve been working out some kinks in the plot line, that’s why this third installment has been delayed. Anyways, without further delay . . . . here we go!


“Why must I train to fight like you?”

“Because until the war is over this family is not safe.”

“What war?” I spit. “I’m learning to murder.”

“The war of blood generations.” He whispered wearily, his eyes darkening with blurry memories.

“Well, I quit! I don’t see a point to all this bloodshed. We should live like normal families, and have laughter flooding our empty halls; not hide away in sorrow.” Throwing down my arrow heads I marched off to find Vicidy, leaving the darkness haunting my soul behind.

However, before I could exit the gate enclosing me in this dead courtyard my father appeared, his face a mix of emotions that I didn’t want to understand. “Flint,” He hissed calmly, working to push the stone mask that he had worn for years back in place. “we need to talk.”

I laughed sarcastically. “You think?”

“Listen to me.” His eyebrows pinched together as though he were in physical pain, if that wasn’t enough to grab my full attention then when he placed his calloused hand on my shoulder it did. “We can’t live like other families, because we aren’t like other families.”

My whole body stilled as our eyes locked. I looked down at myself as if from another world, and watched as my eyes met my father’s cloudy ones. The words that squeezed past my cracked lips seemed to vibrate slowly in the air as if I was afraid of his reply. “What do you mean?”

“The war of blood generations started because a man called Blade discovered a group of strange people in the mountains. They possessed abnormal features and unique abilities like green skin, purple eyes, wings, blue hair, invisibility, force field, keen minds, or springy legs. He called them aliens, threatening to announce to the world their presence if they didn’t follow him. Of course they chose to obey him.

“Blade directed them to his giant experimenting lab hidden underground where he ran tests, discovering that these strange genes could be passed down and developed into something of his own making. The cruel man forced them to have children with each other, and then stole the children away to be brought up as his own. For years this continued to happen, and Blade almost finished his project when the Yowinize (what they were known as) escaped, taking their children and fleeing to the far side of the mountains.

“What they didn’t know was that their children had children. They believed they had ended Blade’s tyranny, so they fled to the dark side of the continent, where no humans dared to venture, to live out their abnormal lives. Blade hunted them down with his new creations, nearly wiping out their whole village in a surprise attack. Those who survived swore to finish Blade and his warriors. The battle has gone back and forth for generations, each generation making a fatal mistake. The children from each side swore revenge on their parents murderers. Eventually, human kind got into the middle of this war between Yowinzie, and picked sides.

“We now live in a never-ending war, for if they succeed they will spread destruction across the land, and if we succeed humans could be in danger. Who’s to say which side fights for the better cause?”

“Why fight at all?” I hissed. “We could unite the Yowinize and leave. I just solved everyone’s problem.”

He laughed, “I asked my father the same question out of ignorance. The problem is Blade had a back up plan. Inside every Yowinize is a organ in our brains that the humans don’t possess, an emotional trigger. It activates every time we feel anger. Blade discovered this, and used it for his advantage. Now if we activate our emotional trigger once, it numbers ours days unless we complete the mission of our father before us, assassinate the murderer who destroyed your family. I don’t understand how Blade did this, all I know is its irreversible.”

“Your telling me we are stuck in a never-ending cycle of assassinations?”

“Yes. However, Blade’s warriors have no historic information, so they don’t realize that they are Yowinize too. They believe they are human.”

I paced in front of the gate, my mind caught in a tangled nest of information. “What about the blue hair and green skin thing? Wouldn’t they see that?”

Father frowned, his gaze speaking of his annoyance. “Blade messed up their genetic code, remember? Made it so they possessed Yowinize abilities but not appearances.”

My shoulders slumped. “So there’s no hope?”

The weary expression encased my father’s features once more. “I didn’t say that.” His eyes trailed over the hollow courtyard, before latching onto my face. “But to win we must give up our lives, and destroy our kin in one moment.”

My mouth dropped open. “What? Certainly there is another way!”

“You think generations of this cycle haven’t already tried everything else? This is the only way.” His voice had grown harder, as if I’d tested enough of his patience.

The air between us crackled and fizzed with energy, waiting to shatter our emotions. I kept my mouth closed and stared at the dirt beneath my feet. Father would have to die to free us. Estimating that the silence had stretched on long enough I murmured something like an apology then stated, “So that’s why Vicidy has purple eyes.”

He laughed at the sudden remark. “If you would have asked sooner I would have told you.”

“Am I gifted?”

“You have a keen mind and I also suspect that you can use force field, but you shall have to test your limits on your own.”

I nodded, excepting the information like it was a normal day occurrence to find out you were alien. I nodded, not knowing that this would be the last time I would speak with my father. I nodded, unrealistically believing that everything would soon be okay.

My pounding heart woke me up. There was a sharp pain radiating through my skull, and a dull ache in my chest as the memory stole my focus. Why had Vicidy traded sides? Did she not understand? Was she ignorant of our people’s history?

There was only one way to find out, and because I was chained to stone walls in a foul building I knew talking to my sister would have to come later. First I needed to escape.

Brother & Sister

Flint’s Motto

To Be Continued . . .


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