Freedom Review

**I received a copy of this book from Faith Potts in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.**

If I’m being completely honest I don’t know where to begin. Freedom astonished me in every way possible.

You see I don’t really pick up this genre often (when I do it gives me mixed feelings), and so for me to read about the topic of suicide in this novel and love it was extremely surprising. Let me talk a bit about Freedom‘s Characters before I go on to share my rating.

Meet Alexandra or otherwise known as Alex. She’s a therapist seeking to recover from severe relationship wounds. Her job is tough, which means she has to be tougher. She’s as sweet as a fairy and as stubborn as a dragon, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to be an emotional wreck every once in awhile. Her uncle and aunt are the closest people in the world to her (and we can’t forget her brother!), so naturally when she discovers a man who’s considering suicide they are the first people she contacts.

Meet James or otherwise known as Semper Fi. He’s a Marine still dealing with the damage of his service days. Being a double amputee sucks, especially when everywhere you go people stare. He found out the hard way that his parents didn’t want him around and after the crushing betrayal of the people he most loved suicide seemed to be the only option. Why would he want to keep living if this is all life has to offer? What else is left for him besides constant pain and heartache? Nothing, or so he thinks.

Before I begin ranting about how adorable this was you have to know I gave Freedom Five Glittering Golden Stars! And that I didn’t want it to be over so I paused reading for a week as if I could stop the inevitable.


Freedom jumped right into the action and didn’t stop until the last page. It contained so much hope along with the tragedy. So much love along with the darkness. And so much fun along with the pain. The relationship between Alex and James was real and relatable. There was goofy times and serious times, laughter and pain, joy and sorrow, hate and love, darkness and light, anger and forgiveness, and division and friendship. Freedom has opened my eyes to a world I hardly understood.

The glory of God was captured inside salvation and peace was present. I love how the characters talked to each other rather then being upset and throwing pity parties. Also when Alex’s uncle scolded James!! *dies in a fit of laughter* I couldn’t help but see Faith Pott’s sense of humor.

The message inside Freedom is a difficult one, but one the world needs to hear. I’m pleased that Faith chose to tackle this difficult topic and deliver a God-given speech! Such things need to happen more often.

The setting was perfectly described and all the side characters were flushed out. I was surprised that everything flowed the way books are suppose to flow because there are not a lot of people who will take the time to write properly. Freedom made me want to read all of Faith’s other books!! I believe I have found a gem of an author and I hope by reviewing this you will be brave enough to give Freedom a chance. It will not disappoint!

If you check out my review on goodreads under Elizabeth Dragina you will find there is more details and information. http//

Here is a couple quotes from Freedom you might enjoy!

Gah!! It’s so adorable!

Amen to that. Amen to that.

You can find more information on Faith’s book in the link above. It’s a post I did earlier this year.

Miss Faith

Thanks again to Miss Faith Potts for giving me an e-arc. I hope you enjoyed this review. Until next time. Happy Reading!


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