The Language Of Worlds: A Character Link-up

Greetings friends, today I’m going to do something special.

I’m going to reveal secrets about my current project The Price For Peace and it’s characters. Well, a certain character that would rather I left him out of the spotlight (hehehehe). This post is hosted by a wonderful gal named Liv. K. Fisher, who does The Language Of Worlds every two months (TLoW)! I did some searching and decided to be apart of it! Now I’m really excited. ^.^

The Language of Worlds 1

So, I’m kinda nervous about sharing so much info on my secret character, because of his personality. (*glances away*) The Price For Peace is a messy thing currently . . . which is why I debated whether or not to do this post about The Levy For Love or my current project (TPFP). However, I figured it would be more fun to share about this newest project, cause all the characters are near and dear to my heart. *is love-struck* So, let’s get this Q&A started!


Q#1 ~ Your Character Is In A Crisis! Who Is The First Person They Turn To?

Oh, boy. *grimaces*

*weak laugh* You see, the problem with this question is that Drake would never be in a crisis. Ever. If he did happen to tumble into such a situation it would never be an accident; it would be on purpose. Now speaking hypothetically here, let’s say he was in such a situation. He’s overwhelmed with something, feels discouraged, etc. Drake wouldn’t go to anyone else. He would handle it himself, every stinkin’ time. Not that he doesn’t have anyone to turn to. . . .just. . . .he doesn’t trust. So yes, he doesn’t have anyone to turn to.

Q#2 ~ Who Has His Unconditional Loyalty?

*doubles over in a fit of laughter*

Wait?! Your serious? That’s the question?

Uh. No. *head desks* Why did I pick Drake? Why!

Ya, see, to answer this question would lead to a tangled web of spoilers. That, my friend, is a no, no. So, I’m going to answer this question like Drake would. I’m going to twist words. Who has Drake’s unconditional loyalty? He doesn’t do loyalty. He also doesn’t do unconditional. He would say he lives for himself, he fight’s for himself, and he’ll die for himself (tch, tch . . . my poor character! What a sad miserable life). Drake is loyal to the prophecy and to the quest. That alone. (the poor man doesn’t even want to be examined so thoroughly).

Q#3 ~ What Cause Does He Believe In? Why?

Are we seriously gonna keep going down this path? *moans*

I apologize, Drake. I didn’t realize how particular it was going to be (he’s glaring at me right now :P). What Drake believes in is personal. Something he doesn’t share with anyone. As for the cause behind such beliefs . . . it has everything to do with the way he grew up and his father.

Drake would say he just wants to complete this prophecy, save Scythia, and go back to being unknown. He really keeps a lot to himself. . . *mutters*

Q#4 ~ Is He Easy To Get Along With?

No. Drake hides in his cloak. His race (Cunni) is rather untrustworthy, therefore, no one ever just “get’s along with him”. He’d prefer that this interrogation be over now . . . .

Q#5 ~ Is He A Night Owl or Morning Dove (or weird Daytime Pigeon)?

He’s a night owl. Cunni see better in the dark . . . they’re far better at everything when darkness clouds the earth.

Q#6 ~ What Does He Consider Most Vital To His Health? Is He right?

*grins at Drake*

Drake : *hisses* Don’t you dare. . . I will hunt you–

*ignores him* Staying away from people, hunting things at night, shape-shifting . . . . and . . . . *giggles* . . . . reading.

Drake : *pulls hood over head*

He’s currently trying not to explode–*coughs*–in anger. It’s okay, he’ll be fine. Like I said . . . reading. Kinda unusual for his race, but he enjoys it anyway, and he thinks it’s vital to his heath, because he needs knowledge to survive. Knowledge comes from books . . . so he’s not wrong. But shape-shifting . . . and staying away from people is very vital to his health. O.o

Q#7 ~ What Was His Childhood Fear?

Oooohhhh. My poor baby. All his secrets are being released into society today.

He really wants to kills something now. You see, Drake doesn’t do fears.

So . . . I’m going to twist words. Let’s just say . . . Father issues. Once upon a time he feared dragons. (I’m gonna I’ve a really log talk with him later . . . *grimaces* or, he’s gonna have a long talk with me.) However, that fear was pounded out of him a long time ago.

Q#8 ~ What Does He Have Nightmares About?

Aye aye aye . . . . I really picked the wrong character. I should have chosen Vaughn . . . .

Drake : *snorts* You think? He would have readily given up his secrets. Leave. Mine. Alone.

Like I keep impressing, Drake just doesn’t fear things . . . . or have nightmares. All such things were driven out of him in train–uhhh . . . (O.o) . . . in trials. If he were to have such things as nightmares (hypothetically speaking) Drake would deal with them like everything else. Ignore them. Now, it would probably be about his childhood . . . but saying such a thing gives sooooooo much away.

Q#9 ~ What Sights/Sounds/Smells Remind Him Of Home?

Oh. Uhhhhh . . . not quite sure.

Darkness . . . grinding metal . . . the stench of rotting flesh . . . how about spoilers?? Yes, lets just throw around a bunch of those shall we?!

Home isn’t a very pleasant place to recall.

Drake : You want to keep talking about my life?? Or can we be done now?

One more question . . . hehehehehe

Q#10 ~ What Does He Love Most About Himself?

Oh. You know what? Let’s be done now.

Drake : No. Answer the question. *eyes start glowing*

Guys . . . I have a problem to deal with–

Drake : So I’m a problem now, am I?

I’m gonna go take care of it. . . .

Drake : Answer the question.

FINE. He Hates Himself! Okay?? Every, stinkin’ part. It just turns into a hate for everyone . . . and . . . and . . . *sobs* Oh, Drake.

We’re done now. I’m gonna go talk to Ayisha . . . maybe she can make Drake feel better.


Hopefully you got something out of that. Hopefully that wasn’t a mess of me rambling about my character. Hopefully Drake’s okay.

If you didn’t learn anything besides the fact that Drake is a mystery, then I did my job.


  1. That was interesting! Makes me want to hear it even more now! 🙂 GOOD JOB! 🙂


    On Sat, 21 Sep 2019 at 10:30, Elizabeth’s Corner wrote:

    > Elizabeth Dragina posted: ” Greetings friends, today I’m going to do > something special. I’m going to reveal secrets about my current project The > Price For Peace and it’s characters. Well, a certain character that would > rather I left him out of the spotlight (hehehehe). This post” >

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  2. Oh my word, he sounds like my Drake, a universe-hopping charrie I’ve been using in RPs. Only, yours doesn’t seem insane. XD
    Drake: But I wouldn’t be any *fun* if I were sane and kept my secrets! It’s always entertaining to see how people react when–hey, this guy looks like me!
    Me: Sort of? He has a neater version of your hairstyle, at least, and the outfit is similar to your usual one. Is that a problem?
    Drake: No, it just reminds me of that one universe where I turned into a demon. That was. Well. Aaahahehehe, an experience. *twitch*
    Me: Oooookay then, let’s just get you out of here…

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