The Language of Worlds: A Character Link-up #2

Hey friends! I really enjoyed posting the last time on this topic, so why not do it again? The same amazing gal is hosting this Liv K. Fisher….. (actually she hosted this a month ago, but I just decided to do a post about it anyways)!

The Language of Worlds 1

I want to do a post about The Levy For Love soon, since it will be published within the next five months, but for this I’m again going to go for my work The Price For Peace.


Q#1 ~ How Long Have You Been Writing This Story?


Well, I started writing it about seven months ago, then I put it on pause for awhile. Once I got a three-part outline together I started working on it again. Then I destroyed the rough draft and started over from scratch. So, this newest edition I have been working on for little over a month. It has 17, 500 words so far . . . and I’m still at the beginning.

Q#2 ~ Who’s Your Favorite Character? Why?

Uhhhh….. isn’t that one of the off-limit questions? You know the kind that authors aren’t supposed to answer? Because it’s like asking a mother who her favorite child is.

Well, if I have to choose then the answer would be Jade Flakeling. They all are near and dear to my heart, but she’s the kick-butt, defiant, tough assassin. The one who’s quick witted, super flexible, xatig skilled, can use about any weapon (the axe is her favorite). She’s also very difficult to make friends with.

Jade Flakeling

Yep. That’s my girl. ^.^

Q#3 ~ Which Character Is The Goodest Of The Good?

Haha! That would be my Ayisha. The sweet, gorgeous, naive, peacemaker. Also a really, really good singer. Ayisha is the one who holds them together, when everyone else is causing problems. She’s a tribal girl, bare-footed, long braided hair, made of tough stuff, cooks really nice food, etc.

Ayisha Vandell

Q#4 ~ Who Is The Badest Of The Bad?

Well…… that would be my buddy Drake. The one we talked about last time, who caused problems. Thousands of them. O.o He hides in his cowl, keeps secrets, glares at people, picks fights, tries to be boss. *weak laugh* Is Cunni.

The poor boy just grew up that way. He has a bad reputation from his forefathers. But, I gotta admit, he plays the bad-boy part well.


Q#5 ~ If You Were to Have Tea (or coffee) With A Character, Who Would It Be? Why?

First off we wouldn’t be having tea or coffee, because I dislike both of them strongly.

So, if I were to choose a character to chat with over lemonade it would be Reshin. He’s just so quiet all the time. Not because he doesn’t have anything to say, rather people would not like what he talks about. Reshin is an inventor and the best swimmer of the team. He’s also rather depressed, and can’t seem to hit it off with his companions. The man is more or less homesick for his underwater shop of tools (mostly more).

Reshin Dweller

Q#6 ~ How Would You Describe Your Story World?

Everything Thrown Together : Well, it’s fantasy. Unexpected. Original. It glows in the dark. There are many types of people…..hundreds of creatures you’ve never heard of before. Islands and Prophecy full of wonder. An orb-like substance that keeps Scythia together. Singing power… glowing eyes….flaming bodies. Dragons & Pegasi in coexistence.

Something More Coherent : A world of magical things, built on love. It’s unique and imaginative, exploring ideas yet to have been chased (singing power . . . glowing orb holding world together . . . . burning humans). Places and Creatures yet to be discovered….real interaction with monsters of the deep. Spiritual combined with the Physical. Man vs Himself. Man vs Nature. Man vs Man. Unexpected death traps . . . . and new relationships. A world Yahweh has created for others.

Q#7 ~ You’ve Fallen Into Your Book! What Place Would You Be Happiest At?

Isn’t this like the which character is your favorite question? *is upset* What am I supposed to do about a question like this??

I would be happiest at the central orb, where Yahweh’s presence is the closest. However, such a place is not in The Price for Peace. So, I suppose I would be happiest at Tharace–Vaughn’s home. ^.^

There I would get to see most of the characters from The Levy for Love, and still be apart of this adventure.

Q#8 ~ Which Place Would You Like To Stay Away From At All Costs?

Haha. Saltic.

The place of the Iron Queen. The area of blood and metal. The kingdom full of rotting flesh and deserted alley ways. The definition of death.

Q#9 ~ Share An Aesthetic!

(ummm…. how is this a question??) *is confused*

I’m gonna try my best…. having never done this before, you see. šŸ˜›

Was that good enough?

Q#10 ~ Share A Snippet!

What in the world! This is not a question, this is a demand. . . . *is very confused*

Snippet ~ Ayisha jumped into the space between them, her expression unreadable. “Alright that’s enough.”

Drake glared at both women, his eyes blazing hotter then before. “I will destroy her.” He hissed, the pointed ears lying low on his neck.

A strangled laugh escaped the stranger’s lips. “In your dreams, pretty kitty.” Her expression hid the pain rippling through her body.

“Stop it.” Ayisha snapped, glaring at the injured warrior. “And you,” She began, turning to face Drake. “You can’t destroy her. She’s part of the prophecy.”

Well, that’s all for today!! See ya around next time. =)


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    > Elizabeth Dragina posted: ” Hey friends! I really enjoyed posting the last > time on this topic, so why not do it again? The same amazing gal is hosting > this Liv K. Fisher….. (actually she hosted this a month ago, but I just > decided to do a post about it anyways)! I want to” >

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