The Time Has Finally Come… Tales of the Lonely Sun REVEAL

Tales of the Lonely Sun is here!!! If you didn’t know about it before then you can check out this amazing post by my friend Merie Shen, then spread the news!! It’s a writer’s blogging world … also reader’s but … Ya know. 😛

Personally, I’m so excited for this!

Imperial Scribis

You folksies have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.

Okay, to be honest, it’s only been like half a year, but it feels like forever. But anyway.

Now that the time has come, though… I find myself nothing short of speechless and unable to decide what to say.

Hmm. Let’s start with the story, then, shall we?

The Story of a Lonely Sun

Back in March (or early April? … sometime this spring) I had this crazy idea for a blog… collaboration thing for readers AND writers. There would be guest posts and interviews by/with authors, book reviews, and all that jazz… even a short story contest every few months. Well, I presented this idea to my lovely friend Abigail @ Books, Life, and Christ, and somehow she thought this was a good idea too, and so we decided to start it together.

Well, around the…

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