Smallest Moments Part 3

And as promised. The story continues . . . (I figure it’s best not to dawdle considering you know all the info behind this series, unless your not like me and you read things out of order! Shameful it is! I may be judging you for it . . . lol)

*Side Note* – You may notice that people use the Christian name’s of others. This story is not set in the Renaissance times. It merely borrows some of the cultural etiquette and kingdom set up. πŸ™‚


Her heart wouldn’t stop pounding. She tried everything. Taking deep breaths. Relaxing. Working in the gardens. Baking. Gulping water upside down. She tried anything that came to mind actually, but even if it did provide relief the calm only lasted for a few seconds.

He brought me roses.

Roses. How could he have known? There they were, staring her down from the dining room table. Dew drops glittered on the vibrant petals as the morning sun streaked through the window. Her heart avalanched again. His name was signed on a crisp white envelope in elegant cursive. She hadn’t dared to break the seal yet. It was all too frightening.

How did he know roses were her joy? Had he been watching her? A bright scarlet colored her cheeks just thinking of it.

Aquinette chose that moment to come barrelling through the entrance, her skirts held high. “Ro! Ro, you’ll never believe it!” She inhaled excitedly and shut the door with a bang. “Sir Ramond just asked–” she froze mid sentence seeing the expression on Roquian’s face and the bouquet of roses before her. “Ro . . . ?”

Roquian turned to her sister, “He sent me roses.” her voice wavered uncertainly.

Aquinette needed no further explanation. The only thing that had been occupying her sister’s mind of late was Matthias. She squealed for her younger sister. “That’s amazing Ro! What does the letter say?”

Roquian blinked a couple times, then bit her lip. She clasped her hands behind her back. “I haven’t opened it yet. . .”

Unnatural silence flooded their quaint cabin. Aquinette gaped, staring at her sister in utter astonishment. “Don’t you want to know what it says?”

The breeze battered the floral drapes as Ro studied the scuffed floor. Her emotions flared within, but she couldn’t seem to put her feelings into words. Her mouth opened then closed, before she finally met her sister’s questioning gaze. “What if I fall in love with him?” The moment the words were out it was as if she understand her own heart. “What if I fall in love with him!” she repeated more earnestly. “I can’t love him, Nettie! I don’t know how to!”

Her sister unhelpfully burst into a fit of outrageous giggles. It lasted for quite some time before Aquinette managed to speak again. “That’s what your afraid of?!” The devastated expression on Roquian’s face sent Aquinette back into her hiccuping bursts of laughter.

Roquian turned away from her sister, disappointed. Her eyes landed on the letter, then after a moments hesitation, she slipped it out from among the bright blossoms. Her sister continued to shriek with laughter. She sighed, then slipped her finger under the crease and guided the letter out. Her breathing faltered as she caught sight of her name scrawled across the top.

Dear Miss Roquian Vancensy,

I hope you don’t think me too forward by writing this simple note to brighten your day (at
least I hope your day has been brightened, maybe that’s just my wistful imagination). I was
informed by a mutual friend that you adore roses, so I took the liberty of obtaining some for
you. I enjoyed myself profusely last Tuesday eve and I desire to see you again soon, maybe
at the township festival in a week?

Sir Matthias Wilcox

Roquian blinked multiple times, and then reread the letter. Her sister had calmed down and peered over her shoulder, scanning the note for herself. Nette’s eyes widened and she swiped the letter from Roquian to read it more closely.

“Ro, he–” Aquinette set the note on the table, her eyes sparkling with excitement and then dimming as she realized how frightened her sister actually was. “Ro . . . love isn’t something to be afraid of.”

“But what is love, Nette? What does it mean to truly love someone?”

Her sister sighed, then pulled out one of the chairs around table. Roquian followed suit. “There are many levels of love I think. Like when we do the chores for Pa without him asking. Or how Cyala takes flowers to her nana. Love is also what we feel for each other. And why Ma gave birth to us. It’s why Pa works everyday.” she paused and glanced at the bouquet. “But I think this love is something different. I think love between a couple is about more than your own words, feelings, or actions. It’s about becoming one; combing your love together so the love can grow.” Aquinette smiled. “I think your very capable of such love, Ro.”

Roquian relaxed, her heart and mind coming to an agreement. A real smile brightened her face. “Thank you Nette. I think I finally understand why my heart beats.”

Aquinette’s eyes danced. “To love.” she murmured and Roquian nodded.


To Be Continued . . .

Again . . . I hope you were able to feel something. πŸ™‚

Be at peace!


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